Every holiday brings you lifetime memories to cherish !! But some holiday trips also win u a few friends !! This is how we would like to sum up our Tour da Kenya !!!

After consulting a few tour operators in India, we decided to assign the responsibility to some Kenyan Tour Operator. We trusted Catalyst Tours for our trip to Kenya ... And it proved to be first right step to a fun filled tour....

We were two families with kids representing the same numbers as adults. So we had to strike a fine balance between adventure and comfort. And we must say Catalyst did that job to perfection for us.

We wanted to visit Kenya in July which is a high season... We are also very particular about the locations, choice of the properties and rooms... Plus the busy schedules Me and my friend Rahul keep was testing patience of ever Smiling and Energetic Prachi and Esther. We had to reschedule our trip thrice before we could make it in September. But Prachi was always ready to understand our difficulties and offer us a quick solution ..not to forget with her signature smile on the face.

Even in Kenya, when we had some issues with Rooms at a particular place, Our Genie, Prachi was quick to resolve it. And the peak was when she could arrange a last minute chartered flight for us from Masai Mara to Nairobi. Making sure that we make it to our flight. By the time we left Kenya she was more of a friend.

If Prachi made our trip comfortable there was one more friend and guide whose contribution is priceless in making this tour so much fun and that was Howard. Na...I can't call him my driver. He was our friend the moment he received us from the airport. A true African !!! Fun loving , friendly , forthcoming and caring...he was a buddy to all. The adults and the kids... This 25 year experienced friend of ours was so accurate with his assessment of the whereabouts of the Wild Animals that at times it almost felt like a Fixed Match between him and the Animals. "You miss a safari and you miss an experience" was his tag line. And it was so true !!! He made every safari a different experience for us. Thanks to his untiring efforts we could see all Big Fives and many more animals....We still miss him!!!


Ritesh Mantri

Timothy: what a great privilege! You're an ornithologist turned into a movie star in the latest short clip "Singing, (others swinging) and Driving in Africa "‎. Timothy, "It’s our prayer that you be Blessed to be a Blessing for others who come across your and Catalyst' path". Keep up the good work, as you're truly an Ambassador for Catalyst travels as well as Kenya!

Prachi‎: Thank you for planning, setting up and coordinating our entire visit, while keeping an eye on us with your regular feedback calls during the trip. Your care and understanding is gratefully acknowledged and ‎appreciated! As you mentioned in the note on Ridling's feedback, the "TONIC " is indeed mutual, as the trip revived our soul, body and mind! ‎A token of our appreciation -in the form of a small gift for you and Esther- has been left with Ravi and will be handed over sometime after next week.

It's our hope and desire to plan another visit to Kenya and Tanzania during the next season/year!

Best wishes,

Henry Waller

Kiran & Farid

Many thanks for the amazing service, its highly appreciated. And i will be delighted to recommend Catalyst Travels to everyone.

Shamim Allu

Dear Mrs Geetha

I write to formally convey our sincere thanks and appreciation of the tour organised for us by Catalyst Travels P ltd

We all had a great relaxed time and will carry the memories for our life.

Both your drivers (Timothy and Richard) were very good, careful road drivers always obeying traffic rules and requirements and at the same time reaching destinations in time.

More than Drivers, I would like to call them Tour Guides. They knew the places, their lay and the animals perfectly well and made our trip quite interesting. Please convey our appreciations to them.

Your organisation had made excellent travel plans and taken care of every requirement meticulously. Our thanks to Messrs Prachi, Carol and whoever worked behind the scene. And your guidance to them is to me mentioned specially.

The resorts were quite comfortable and food was very good. I have already answered their questionnaire.

I and all my friends who accompanied, will have no hesitation to recommend Catalyst to anyone desirous of travel in Africa.

With warm regards


Hello John

I appreciate the arrangements made by Catalyst and you for our trip to Amboseli. The stay at Ol Tukai was very pleasant and the place very beautiful.

I would also like to appreciate the pleasant journey and game drives due to the guide Thomas Kamanu. We were able to see three prides of Lions and a total of 20 Lions. We also got clear view of Mount Kilimanjaro on two days. Enclosing photos. Thomas is also a very safe driver.

Regards and looking forward to use your services in future.

Anil Raiker

Dear Esther,

We arrived safely back in Dubai after a very memorable holiday in Kenya.

First of all our thanks goes to Mr Muthuraman who introduced us to Catalyst Travels and his personal efforts in organising his guest house for our stay pre and post wild life safari. Our sincere thanks to Mr Abdulla and his wife for our pleasant stay over there.

We must admit that the quality of lodges and camps that were arranged was outstanding. We admire the customer care you displayed prior to and while on our tour. To top it all it was the skills and untiring efforts of young John, our tour guide and the energetic driver who made our safari a great success.

We were absolutely right in insisting on him to be our driver. He is a guide with dedication to his clients as well as his employer. This was reflected when he always kept saying "I am at your service" and "if I make you happy our company will keep growing". True to his words, his service, customer care, punctuality, ever smiling attitude, friendly nature and above all his energy were exemplary. He is a definite asset to your organisation at his age. We will be recommending him to be the guide for anyone who wish to avail a tour with Catalyst Travel.

Lastly but not least, the welcome we were given on arrival at your office by you accompanied by Ms Geetha Sathyamoorthy, MD and Prachi Gupta, MT was pleasing and soothing. It was a brilliant kick start for any tourist. Keep up the good work.

We wish all success to Catalyst Travel and the staff and assure you that we will be your noisy marketing arm in Dubai.

Thank you all,

Joe Rayen

Hello Carol,

I am writing to thank you, Mrs Geetha, Prachi, Howard and Timothy for making our Africa trip so memorable. We are especially grateful for your help with our lost luggage.

You guys have a well run, extremely efficient and an easy to deal with organization. Timothy is an excellent guide.

I am going to recommend you very highly.



Dear Gita and John,

Wagles are back and they had a fantastic holidays. Every thing went according to plan. just wanted to thank you all for working with us to plan this trip .we have two friends who are thinking of coming to visit sometime next year. Once I know for sure I will be in touch with you...thank you again......

Kanak shah

Dear Mercy and the Catalyst Team,

We wish to extend our thanks for all the assistance provided in returning our injured driver from Burundi. We are pleased to say that he arrived safely and was transferred directly to an ambulance for his transfer to a local hospital.

All the hard work by yourself and the staff for this trying case is much appreciated and am sure will have a direct impact on Samuel’s speedy recovery.

Again, thank you very much from the Multiple Family.


Clive Critchlow

Dear Lalit,

Had a long chat with Ramani.They had a great time in Kenya and Tanzania.

Hotels were excellent and the arrangements were superb.They thoroughly enjoyed the gaming drives and the hospitality.A big thank you to you and your team for the excellent arrangements.

Much appreciate your meeting up with them for dinner.

Warm regards,



This is in regards to your staff Kiran. I have been booking my tickets through your company and Kiran has always assisted me from day one.

I really appreciate the way she handles my bookings. No matter how many times I call her and how busy she is she always answers me very politely and takes her time to answer all my queries.

Just these past days I suddenly decided to travel to Mumbai and she made sure I got the best ticket deal. She just called me to tell me that KQ has changed the baggage allowance system which I wouldn’t have know otherwise. I am really really happy with her service and her always smiling face no matter how busy she is.

Kiran THANK YOU very much and all the best to you.

Trusha Shah

Dear Mr.Lalit,

Thank you. Mrs. Geetha, Yourself, Raju, Mercy and other colleagues have always been very helpful with our Travel needs, and no doubt, our support & patronage to Catalyst Travels is always there. Myself & my family, are with you for over 20 years now, and all along we have received Excellent Service from all of you. Hence, our relationship has been always pleasant, and it will continue to remain so. Regarding the roll-over of our bookings, Mercy has been extremely good to keep the bookings intact, and she has done it for several of our travels ( esp. USA ) in the past. I am very thankful to her. Besides Raju / Mercy, I will meet you also when I come on Saturday.

Our Best wishes to Catalyst and to all of you, a very Successful and Rewarding New Year ahead.

Warm Regards,


Hi Prachi,

We arrived back well from Dubai yesterday noon. We enjoyed the trip from start to finish. Facilities and services by Nihal Hotel and the different tour operators was very good.

The support from the concerned staff at Nihal Hotel and their restaurant was also very good knowing we were vegetarians. The restaurant manager arranged extra vegetarian stuff for us at breakfast time which was very kind of him. We had no complaints and enjoyed our stay. Our Dhow Cruise time was changed from 7 pm to 10 pm but however it suited our schedule very well as we had just arrived back from a trip to Dubai city with our friends and we fully enjoyed the late evening Dhow Cruise. It was almost 2.30 am by the time we returned to hotel after roaming around a bit in the shops near our hotel. We were clubbed with a group of 47 from Iran for the Dhow Cruise and it was great fun mingling with them on the trip.

Thanks for all your co-operaiton and the arrangements. I would surely recommend this package to anyone willing to make a quick trip to Dubai. It also gives enough time to see other locations at Dubai. My family also thanks you.


Kishan Iyengar, Naivasha

Dear John,

How are you ? Hope all is well...

As I have already informed my friend Sudhakar, we are back in Doha after a memorable trip to Kenya/Masai Mara. I would like to thank you and Catalyst Travels for the excellent arrangements you have had made for our trip. Our driver John Ngigi was very friendly, who knew the Savannah grass fields so well - a well experienced guide for the trip. Mr. Daudi has been promptly waiting for us at the airport, also saw us off on Sunday evening. Indeed, our experience with Catalyst Travels has been very good. We are convinced that Kenya has much on offer for tourists.

I look forward to visiting Kenya again and experiencing your professional services.

Best regards,


Good morning John,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and the entire Catalyst team for a fantastic holiday that we had over Easter.

We were initially quite undecided from the location, to the hotel and the number of pax… but you took us through everything step by step and ensured that everyone of us was accommodated.

The tour drivers, both Peter and Paul, are (and I really cant find the right words!) AMAZING… on time and always ready to greet us with a smile.. they made sure that all our requests. particularly from the kids were met! We saw an amazing game in the park and for those memories I will forever be grateful to them.

WE HAD A FANTASTIC TIME… and it was all thanks to you and the team.

Mr. & Mrs Satyamoorthy, A personal gratitude towards both of you for ensuring that our Easter was nothing short of extra ordinary… thank you so very much!

Loads of warm regards and happy wishes…

The Patel and Verma Family

Hi Prachi,

Dropping this mail just to say thanks for the wonderful arrangement done by your office. The Combi was in a good condition with plenty of water for the safari. Driver Mr. Dennis was very cooperative & helpful. In fact he was our guide for the trip who explained so many things to my kids about Masai Mara & its inhabitants. The Mara Sarova was a good experience with many options for vegetarians.

Thanks again for the assistance.


Nikhilesh Srivastava

Dear Ms. Noormin/Prachi/Geetha Sathyamurthy,

We have returned to Mumbai on 16th after a wonderful week at Kenya. Many thanks for the excellent arrangements that made our trip a pleasant and memorable one. We really enjoyed the whole week. Thanks a lot again to all of you.

With warm regards

P Bala

Hi Noormin

It was a once in a life time experience. Good service from drivers and hotels. Consider this as appreciation from all of us to the splendid service & cooperation from all the staff of Catalyst.

Keep up your good service.



Dear Noormin,

We wanted to take the time to thank you for the way Catalyst handled our trip to Masai Mara, this note is written just to make sure that you know how much we have enjoyed the trip, it was a end to end service from your end for the uttermost satisfaction.

Right from the place you have chosen for us (Sarovo Camp), Bush Breakfast (It's a WOW Experience) and the experienced care taking Drivers (Peter). In a nut shell it was an amazing trip organized by Catalyst for us. Thank you once again to you and your team. Will surely recommend my friends here in Dubai and India to Catalyst for Masai Mara Trips.

Best Regards,


I wanted to take the time to thank you for the way you have handled your business dealings with us. This note is written just to make sure that you know how high a value we at Graham Products place on our relationship.

Graham Products

Dear Prachi / Mary

Thank you very much for organizing a wonderful trip for me and my family. We all had a great time in Kenya though short. Both the Camps were wonderful and so was their service. Your driver Dennis too was good. Only shame was that we were unable to see many Lions and Elephants so to see them we will have to come again and use your services, hope you would oblige.


Kalpesh Shah


The trip to Mara was excellent (a bit short) and very enjoyable - my sincere thanks to all of you. Hope to do it again with family.


Name Witheld

Hello Mary,

Hope you are doing well. I had a good trip to the mara. The stay at the Serena was good and even the food was good. Alex was very understanding and cooperative. He is a very good person.

Thanks for everything.

(JFYI-roads to mara after Narok are pathetic and too bad, it takes almost 3hrs to finish 90kms stretch).

Best Regards,

Vicky Buvaria

Good morning Sneha,

This is to let you know that Anita arrived safely in Malaysia with no ticket problems. Thank you again for your help and excellent service.

Much appreciated,


Thanks a lot Sneha. It was nice dealing with you throughout. Wishing you all the best. And hope to see you again sometime in future soon.

With regards,

Deepak Gupta

Dear Sneha,

Truly appreciate your quick and efficient service. We received the tickets and pax are flying today.

Thanks indeed! We are happy!



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